Halawa is one of the oldest traditional Middle Eastern sweets. It is a sweet confection providing complete nutrients for children and adults alike. Its most famous variant is produced based on crushed sesame seeds.  It is either produced in bulky slabs or blocks divided by different weights. It is heavily rich in vitamins and a source of the famous "sesame oil" recommended for the treatment of several diseases.

Halawa is not anymore offered only as a plain flavor. it is being produced  in combination  with  various nuts, chocolates, and also sugar free to feed the different demanding appetites of buyers. Our halawa product line includes various ingredients and flavors, all produced from 100% natural ingredients that includes no additives or preservatives:

  • Halawa Plain
  • Halawa Pistachio
  • Halawa Walnuts
  • Halawa Raisins & Almonds
  • Halawa Chocolate
  • Halawa Chocolate & Nuts
  • Halawa Chocolate & Almonds
  • Halawa Chocolate & Chestnuts
  • Halawa Sugar Free